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Landfilling has long been an essential measure that came with environmental challenges. Montauk works hard to transform landfilling operations into environmentally conscious sites. We have a full staff of environmental scientists working to meet the rigorous demands of federal, state, and local regulations. Our wellfield and operations technicians optimize landfill gas collection systems to effectively eliminate sources of surface pollution and odors.

Our high level of skill at operating landfill gas collection systems eliminates environmental concerns typically associated with landfilling operations. Our environmental staff along with our engineering group, are experts at landfill gas collection system efficiency and maintenance. By studying our host landfill operations, we are able to optimize the gas stream of the collection system to reduce pollution and generate reliable renewable energy.

Montauk prides itself in partnering with our landfill hosts to ensure environmental compliance while optimizing gas collection systems to produce high quality fuel for our renewable energy projects.

Teaming with landfill owners to produce renewable energy from landfill methane for more than 30 years







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