Leadership driven

Our team’s success is everyone’s success

Our leadership fosters internal and external growth

Internally, Montauk has worked to develop a dynamic workforce that is adaptable to industry change and able to solve complex problems. Operational staff cross-trains, while remaining actively involved in their respective fields of expertise. Departments within Montauk are supported by an executive manager responsible for continuous improvements within the department resulting in increased performance at each landfill gas to energy facility.

Our executive management team brings decades of technical and creative skills to the table which can be leveraged to make unthinkable projects a reality. Montauk management focuses on the details. This attention to detail makes all the difference on projects which balance regulatory compliance, energy demand, and tight margins for owners and operators. Since our inception, we have been able to apply our project development and management skills to more than double our energy production capacity. Montauk’s expansion and successful operation of projects has yielded positive economic benefits for all of our stakeholders and for the climate at large.